Nicole Towns of Sandwich, MA found a weight loss program that shocked her with great results. Where other methods failed her, the Ideal Protein Diet had her down 51 pounds and 32.5 inches in just 20 weeks!

These result are very typical with Ideal Protein. The plan is very simple: When you cut down the carbohydrates from your diet the body turns to stored fat for its energy. It does however require a very specialized diet plan that our clinic offers. The cornerstone of the Ideal Protein diet is the 3 ideal protein foods eaten daily in combination with lots of vegetables and 8 oz of protein. The ideal protein foods have been designed to taste like carbohydrates but actually deliver a healthy dose of protein so you don’t lose muscle and stay feeling full.

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We hold weekly workshops to introduce anybody to the ideal protein protocol so you can see if it’s the right diet for you. Here you will have all your questions answered including about the costs of the diet.

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